Websites maintained by QuiqTax use cookies. Cookies are widely used to expedite the transfer of information on subsequent visits to a website. Cookies are used to recognize device’s, relay information faster, and recollect your preferences.

We utilize cookies to improve your user experience. Our cookie policy can be reviewed in detail.

Typically, websites incorporate some combination of six main cookie types. These are:

  • Essential: regarding the functions of a website, including but not limited to your login information or the loading of a page.
  • Analytical: Analytical cookies often track the pages clicked on by a user, how long they remain on a page, how often they visit, and if they receive errors. These cookies are anonymous and used predominantly for website quality and management.
  • Functional: These cookies are authorized for expanding the user experience, for example, keeping a chat screen opens if you navigate to a different page or changing the language.
  • Targeting: targeting cookies are used for advertising. Targeting cookies are remembered after you leave a website and used to promote products and services that may interest you.
  • Persistent: Persistent cookies remain even as you leave a website, and can be deleted manually or automatically depending on your computer/device settings.
  • Session: Session cookies are removed when you close a browser and are usually relegated for function and performance

Right of Refusal

Users in the E.U. have a right to refuse cookies. By visiting the help menu on your browser, usually in the top right of your browser screen, you can turn cookies off. You should keep in mind, by turning cookies off, the user experience may be altered. This may include the inability to save your preferences, mark particular clients, and unfavorably change the website and/or application. offers an instructive guide if you need further details.

If our cookie policy changes, and it reshapes the user experience, we will inform you accordingly.

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