Refund Advance

Refund Advance


  • Refund Advance
  • Pre-acknowledgement loans available Jan. 2 (Pre-Acknowledgement fee2 applies)
  • 36% on loans between $1,250 to $6,000

Loans from $500 – $6000 (terms an conditions apply)

With QuiqTax Taxpayer Refund Advance Loan1, clients get the money they need fast. This valuable program gives clients the flexibility they need to pay outstanding expenses without having to wait weeks for their refund to be processed–giving you the edge you need to compete in your market.


  • Prepaid Card
  • Check
  • Direct Deposit

24/7 Support

Reach out 24/7 to schedule a consultation. You can also get one-on-one video support with a Tax Professional.

100% Accurate

Our accuracy guarantee ensures that all of our tax calculations are 100% Accurate.

Secure File Sharing

Easily access, send and sync. No cumbersome FTP, CDs or thumb drives required.

Free E-File

We will e-file your Federal and State Tax Returns. No extra charge.

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